Michael Wells

Yet Another Selfless Vet Turns Down ARM Charity Grant to Help Another

July 9, 2014: Last month, ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, shared an inspirational story highlighting the brotherhood mentality that members and veterans of America’s military share. Today, another story from ARMing Heroes shines a light yet again on how selfless and giving these heroes truly are.

After Sergeant Dakoun Bazie completed three years of service with U.S. Army, he returned home to his wife and child facing service-connected disabilities, unable to find employment and support his family. In an act of desperation, Bazie moved his wife and child overseas to live with extended family while he remained in the U.S. and tried to improve their financial situation. Looking for any assistance he could find, he applied for a grant with ARMing Heroes to help cover housing expenses, and his application was approved. However, by the time the grant was scheduled to be disbursed, Bazie had decided to join his family overseas, and graciously declined the grant award, and as it would turn out, made it possible for another desperate military vet to receive an emergency grant.

U.S. Army Sergeant Michael Wells dedicated 12 years of his life to serving his country, including a tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He earned no less than a dozen citations along the way including two Army Commendation Medals, a National Defense Service Medal, an Iraq Campaign Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, a Combat Action Badge, and the list continues. As a result of the injuries he received during combat, Wells was awarded the Purple Heart and was ultimately forced to retire from service in 2008.

Michael returned home facing many challenges of his own including service-connected disabilities, a divorce, costly travel expenses to visit his two sons who now lived in another state, and increasing expenses for daily living. While waiting for his Combat Related Special Compensation to kick in, Wells needed help making ends meet and applied for an emergency grant from ARMing Heroes. He asked only for help to catch up with his car payment, ensuring he’d be able to continue the one thing that brought him so much joy; visiting his boys. Because of Sgt. Bazie’s self-sacrifice in giving up his grant, money was available for Wells, and his emergency application was approved for a grant not only to bring his car note current, but also to pay down a credit card and help alleviate additional financial stress. When he heard the great news, Wells had this to say:

“God bless you ARMing Heroes! This grant will greatly increase my quality of life and I am very honored and thankful for a second chance. Since coming home from the Iraq War, I have faced divorce, combat related medical issues, homelessness, separation from my two sons, and financial hardships. Because of this grant, I will be able to regain some of what I have lost and sustain my financial quality of life again. It is very heartwarming to know that there are organizations like ARMing Heroes and their generous donors that make this happen for a Purple Heart veteran like me, and other war veterans alike. Again, thank you very much and God Bless!”

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