2013 Grant Recipients

ARMing Heroes has been making a difference in the lives of veterans since 2009. Here are some of the vets we helped in 2013 and their stories.

Chris Cleland

“I wanted to thank everyone who took part in allowing my family and me to receive this grant. Many people are in the same struggles we are, but it feels good to have peace of mind knowing my family will still have a place to lay their heads. My family and I are greatly appreciative for such a program assist us. Thank you for all that you..." ... Read More!

Rhyan Miller

““I wanted to extend a warm thank you and show our appreciation for your generosity. The grant from ARMing Heroes will have an immense impact on my family, which consists of me and my two teenage daughters. Times have been tough, and this grant will relieve a large amount of stress over the next few months...” ... Read More!

Aaron Olivas

“I just want to say thank you so much to ARMing Heroes. With losing our home, and me being injured, my family has been through so many ups and downs. By paying off our debt, we will finally be able to get back on track and work towards buying the house we dream of. I’m so thankful for what ARMing Heroes has done for our family. This will allow us to move forward and recover from our wounds.” ... Read More!

Leon Edwards

“Thank you for your generous grant to help me with the reduction of my credit card debt during these strenuous times. I can now get a good night sleep instead of staying awake worrying "
... Read More!